About The Fatal Equation Author, Gethyn Jones

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Fatal Equation


Gethyn Jones

Gethyn spent 30 years as a producer, presenter and journalist – primarily in BBC local radio and latterly in commercial radio and community TV. He's an accomplished songwriter and producer, having been part of JUGG Music which provided music for a variety of BBC and ITV programmes, back in the mists of time.

He is also an experienced web designer and has run his own company since 2005.

Revitalised and inspired by new audio technology – after a long period of dormant creativity, in 2018 Gethyn hatched a plan to combine his diverse skills. He started work on the trilogy, Fatal Equation – a music album, TV drama proposal and novel.

The novel has arrived first, along with a selection of the featured songs, performed by COOLSTAR.

gethyn jones

Where Fantasy Meets Reality

Far from being an imaginary band, conjured up to fit into a ficticious story, COOLSTAR really does exist.

“I love the idea of playing with people's perceptions of reality,' says Gethyn. 'I think it's a lovely twist to read about all these songs and the band Coolstar - only to discover that they're real!”

A selection of the songs is available to stream and download. Please see the Fatal Equation music page.

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